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Ministry - (1989) The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste


Genre: Industrial

Ministry - (1988) The Land Of Rape And Honey


Genre: Industrial

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Namanax - (1996) Cascading Waves Of Electronic Turbulence

Excelente álbum com esse excelente projeto chamado: Namanax. Clássico total, vale a pena conferir!


Genre: Power Electronics, Noise, Experimental Noise, Death Industrial

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Interview with: I-M-R

A live set of I-M-R is like the dark side of a burn camp... Attracted by the heat and sucked into the darkness

After 19 years and 10 critically acclaimed albums, the time had come to enter a new phase. So far Ralf had recorded all productions on his own, but now he invited his longtime live guest musicians Martin von Arndt, Holger Diener and Hansi Huenig to join him also in the studio and to develop artistic idea's together with him in the future. The birth of I-M-R occurred, a new band that will play at the Porta Nigra Festival on 17th march 2012 in Aarschot.

Was it hard to split up? I read it's almost forbidden to use the old name?

It was a quite unpleasant experience for me. But with hindsight also inevitably. On a personal level we obviously drifted far apart during the last years. But such things happen and it's okay and over. And yes, the further use of the old name as project name is forbidden. That's the legal situation. I enjoy all the more the present cooperation with Martin, Holger and Hansi. The work is really relaxed and the separation between project and live band has finally been dissolved. Because we've played live together for such a long time, it is more a continuation than a new situation. In fact the changes are very little: just like before I write, produce and sing the songs, the only alterations are that I have to write some more lyrics than in the past and that I don't have to play all the instruments anymore – which is very nice.

Are you ok with the description: a live set from you is like the dark side of a burn camp? Attracted by the heat and sucked into the darkness? Tell us more about live feedback...

Phew, a very nice description. Thank you. Since people know what to except from us, the reactions to our gigs have been really good until now. We are definitely not a Goth show band, so the music stands to the fore. And the people engage in this. Especially Italy is a fine place for us to play... for whatever reason...

You'll play at the Porta Nigra festival, will we hear new material from the upcoming album?

Unfortunately not, because we haven't had enough time to work out some new songs as live versions. We started demoing in January, so most of them are still in a pre-production state and because Martin is unavailable for a while (his new novel is going to be published and he has to do some promotion dates and readings), we decided to arrange a set consisting exclusively of old material. With one exception: we will open the concert with a "Derrière Le Miroir" song. That will be fun... in any case for us :-)

Last time i saw you on stage, was at The Botanique, in Belgium, with IMR, any look back at the 2 gigs you gave there?

We have only the best memories. Especially the second gig at The Botanique was very nice, because of the people and the special location. Oh, and there has been a car-free day in Brussels when we left. Very impressive.

What can you tell us already about the new album?

It will be a typical album again. Just our very own mixture of Darkwave, Electro, Folk and Alternative Pop. (Presumably) twelve songs between hope and despair, so to speak. And we (hopefully) will be joined by some special guests. We plan to start the "serious" recordings in mid-March and we hope we will have all consents until then.

Will be there a textual change, or melodic change? How do you see it change?

No, it will be a, let's say, regular album. Musically there are just the usual slight changes you always made from one production to another. In contrast to "Retro" it will contain more electronic elements again. So it will be closer to the last releases before "Retro". And because more people are involved in the recordings now, there will be some new sounds as well. But the prevailing mood hasn't changed at all. But there will be some kind of textual concept this time. Most lyrics are about the aspects of this so-called reality or better, these so-called realities, and how you deal with them or how they deal with you - as the case may be.

What seems to be the most promising song on the new cd and why? According to you, personally?

Hm, difficult question. Because the songs are really fresh, they are all promising - of course ;-) My current favourite got the working title "Give". It is a loop based, guitar driven song about the benefits of escapism, with a slight psychedelic touch - in any case for my ears. To whistle-blow a little bit: Isabelle of The Breath Of Life has agreed to support us on this track. I'm really excited about that. But Hansi for example likes most a more electro based song called "Sunday" (also a working title), which is quite near to our understanding of New Wave. As I already mentioned: difficult. We are really happy with all the new songs.

Will there be more songs like 'All we have', 'Goodbye', 'Sick of you', there's no light (in cocktail bars)' and 'pay for this'? These are my favourite songs of you, on my i-pod. Any idea about the top songs, most loved songs?

Since this is a wide range of songs, I would say yes. Let us surprise you ;-)
Hm, I can't say that I really found out which songs are most loved. Because we are lucky to have a multifaceted audience, it always depends on the persons or scenes you ask. But "Uniforms" seems to be a small hit in various countries.

What is your inspiration?

Musically it's music itself. I simply love to write songs. Apparently it's my way to express myself. And for lyrics: I can't answer that question concretely. Since my school days I like the existentialist world view. So I'm interested in the ways how people try to create themselves – if they do it at all. But of course I also try to process some personal experiences. There are so many weird things out there I can't understand. And which sometimes scare me a lot. A writer friend of mine once pointed out that I suspiciously often use words like "walls", "rooms", "pits" and so on. That should make me think, I fear...

Are you a full time musician or do you have a regular job (if yes, tell us more about it)?

I used to be, but due to the developments on the music market, I can't make my living only by being musician anymore. So since some years I'm working as a web programmer. Just like most people who haven't learned something real ;-)

Do you feel the negative vibe of the economic crisis?

Not in my private life – up to now. And concerning the music: we never sold so much that I would notice a drastic change now. But I feel that the common mood has changed. And that finally more and more people start to distrust the holy capitalism. Which is a positive effect of this induced crisis after all...

I love the Sara Noxx track 'Don't cut these veins too soon' and understand why it's so high in the itunes charts. Tell me more about the collaboration with her and how this song came up to you.

In 2008 Sara asked me if I would be interested in doing a remix of her song "Superior Love" (of course I was). And in return I asked her if she would be interested in participating in our next album - and she agreed. So, when I did the demo for this song I knew immediately that this is the ideal track for our collaboration. I didn't write it for this reason, it just was there - how ideas used to be.

'Day Fly', the last song, is a nice and catchy song. You worked with Marlène Wagner on this one. What is this song about and who is she?

Marlène is an interpreter of French 'chansons'. She usually sings at wedding receptions or other events and she already appeared on the "Under the Mask of Stone" album from 1994.
'15' is the best selling album followed by the last album 'Retro'. Seems good to have the last albums selling the best, and a bit hard to get out at this moment?

No, not at all. That chapter is closed. I'm looking forward to the upcoming I-M-R album. And since the older albums are sold out for quite a while, it's natural that these albums got a "peak position".

Uniform is the best selling song (version on the 'Gothic Culture' CD), seems like featuring on these kind of CD's helps a lot or am I wrong?

It helps a bit to keep your name in the public's eye, but I don't think that a compilation track really directs the attention to the album behind it. Unfortunately. Nowadays the album as an art form has lost its importance, because of download wonderland. People are happy with smithereens. That's why so many artists only concentrate on a few promising tracks for the market and the rest are paddings, because it looks more professional when you also have an album out. Sad, but you can't change it.

If a sampler would ask you to make a new version of one of your own idols, which one would it be and why (and who knows: it could be coming out after this interview)?

Hm, I'm not sure if I still got idols. But I think I would love to do a new version of a Fad Gadget song. If I would come up to the original, that's another question. But Frank Tovey was one of the artists who really influenced me when I started writing songs in the mid 1980ies - beside bands like The Cure, Clan of Xymox or The Essence. And it is a pity that he never reached the attention he actually deserved.
Thx a lot & good luck with the band!


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Entrevista - Hari Maia

Para iniciar nossa conversa, quando surgiu seu contato com á musica Industrial/ Noise?

Eu conheci através de um blog em 2012 chamado: “AberrantSounds”, apesar de hoje estar desativado o blog contém excelentes referências da cena como Brighter Death Now, Atrax Morgue, Folkstorm dentre outras. Quando ouvi esse tipo de som pela primeira vez eu detestei, não consegui achar um norte, não entendia nada, primeiro que ouvi foi o álbum Goatvargr – Goatvargr, aquilo realmente foi muito bom pra mim mesmo eu detestando na primeira vez que ouvi, o engraçado que hoje é o meu projeto preferido uma das maiores referências que tenho pra noise ou power com os projetos que possuo.

Você possui infinitos projetos, nos conte á respeito deste exercito sonoro que você possui?

Bom, meus principais projetos são: Hari Maia (Noise, Power Electronics, Death Industrial), Hope Every Day (DarkAmbient, Ritual Ambient, Experimental), Best Die! (Power Electronics), Viash (Martial Industrial, Death Industrial, Classical) e The DramaticTheory (Folk, DarkFolk, Neofolk, Classical). Esses são os projetos que eu lanço mais álbuns desde os dias atuais.

Fica bem explicito sua ligação com o Power Electronics, quais são suas influências?

Pois é, acho que eu realmente me ‘’viciei’’ nesse tipo de som que não tem mais volta hahahaha’. Curto muito desde sempre os projetos Genocide Organ, Folkstorm, Goatvargr, Brighter Death Now que sem duvida são minhas maiores influências com meus projetos de Power Electronics/Noise/Death Industrial.

Recentemente vejo muitos dos seus lançamentos com selos internacionais, creio eu que isso acontece devido á enorme carência de selos nacionais, estou certo ou errado perante á isso?

Não vejo muitos selos aqui no Brasil que faça o que eles fazem ou pelo menos fizeram com muitos dos meus lançamentos e de outros também, mas creio eu que aqui também tenha muitas gravadoras que lançam esse tipo de música o problema maior seria eu não conhecê-las de fato ou ninguém ter me falado de alguma antes. Estou sempre aberto à propostas externas ou internas.

Têm bons resultados com seus lançamentos? Qual dos seus álbuns já lançando que você mais admira?

Tenho sim, gosto de lançar tudo na internet para que as pessoas do mundo inteiro possam baixar e conhecer o que eu faço independente de fins lucrativos com isso. Acho que nessa fase que eu entrei agora saindo do HarshNoise e indo mais pra vibe Power Electronics todos os álbuns são bem legais, porém tem um que eu curto bastante o: “Aerial Heart”. Ele pode ser baixado pelo site, aliás toda minha discografia está por lá, só pesquisar por “Hari Maia”.

Nós conte sobre planos futuro, CD's, shows, split's, coletâneas, etc... Algo em mente? 

Eu tenho álbuns aqui guardados esperando o momento certo para serem lançados, sim como sempre (hahahah’). Shows, espero fazer sim, sempre é bom estar apresentando para pessoas de fora esse tipo de som apesar de ser algo ruidoso ou pouco aceito no Brasil.

Obrigado por contribuir com essa joça de blog falido, gostaria de deixar sua mensagem e agradecimentos?

Ah, que isso, seu blog é foda! Agradeço mesmo a você por esse espaço no seu blog para falar um pouco mais dos meus projetos e é isso. Continue sempre apoiando a cena!

Responda rápido!
Noise rítmico ou junkieplugs? Noise rítmico
Analógicos ou digital? Digital
Materiais físicos ou Netlabel? Netlabel
Sertanejo Clássico ou Sertanejo universitário? Nenhum dos dois hahahaha
Split ou Álbuns Solos? Álbum solos mais aceito propostas de Split
Policia ou Ladrão? Nenhum dos dois, músico.

                                                               Hari Maia Live Audio Rebel

                                                Hari Maia - Manifestação (Unindo A Nação)

Last fm:

From blog:

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Can Do Garfo - (1989) Normanda´s Table

More than 10 years after playing together for the last time, M., Annexus Can (a.k.a. KKFS & FST) and ZMarfaust, some of the original members of CDG, gathered again for 3 days on 2002 easter holidays to produce the material that gave birth to Normanda's Table. Unlike their cathartic early works, this is a Can do Garfo album where their rational side is much more evident. Minimal and obsessive, with a strong influence from kraut rock and early industrial. For this special release were created five different covers that you can download along with the ten tracks.

First official release from Can do garfo, group formed in 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, being probably the first to work with experimental and electronic music with an industrial/do-it-yourself approach in Brazil. Born among music dealers and collectors, the band recorded almost 90 cassettes until early 90's. Some of the former members gathered again in May 2002 on the performance that originated "Normanda´s Table".


Genre: Experimental, Noise

                                                            Can Do Garfo - Telefonista

Demorph Desform - (2012) Defragmaya


Genre: Dark Ambient, Ambient, Brazil

N0X3O - (2010) [minimal]


Genre: Experimental, Ambient Drone, Minimal, Minimalist, Brazil