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Can Do Garfo - (1989) Normanda´s Table

More than 10 years after playing together for the last time, M., Annexus Can (a.k.a. KKFS & FST) and ZMarfaust, some of the original members of CDG, gathered again for 3 days on 2002 easter holidays to produce the material that gave birth to Normanda's Table. Unlike their cathartic early works, this is a Can do Garfo album where their rational side is much more evident. Minimal and obsessive, with a strong influence from kraut rock and early industrial. For this special release were created five different covers that you can download along with the ten tracks.

First official release from Can do garfo, group formed in 1985 in Rio de Janeiro, being probably the first to work with experimental and electronic music with an industrial/do-it-yourself approach in Brazil. Born among music dealers and collectors, the band recorded almost 90 cassettes until early 90's. Some of the former members gathered again in May 2002 on the performance that originated "Normanda´s Table".

Link: https://archive.org/details/frec019

Genre: Experimental, Noise

                                                            Can Do Garfo - Telefonista

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